Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bob Casey, Jr.'s Eyebrow(s)

In the 1980s and 1990s, Governor Bob Casey, Sr. was respected by all Pennsylvanians for, among other things, refusing to die his hair or bushy eyebrows (his hair was gray while his eyebrows were black). Well, it appears that Casey Jr. isn't quite as comfortable in his own skin (or eyebrows). He's running an ad showing a picture of him teaching 5th grade back in the 1980s, and he clearly photoshopped the picture to depict two eyebrows instead of one unibrow. The proof? His own campaign website has the same picture, albeit unaltered, and it shows his unibrow in all its glory. See

This made me notice something else: In recent pictures of Casey Jr., he does not have a unibrow. Unless he is suffering from a rare form of male-pattern baldness that only strikes in between the eyebrows, Casey Jr. is either plucking or waxing his eyebrows (or eyebrow). What will blue-collar voters in Scranton or Allentown or Levittown, not to mention South Philly or the Mon Valley, think about Casey Jr.'s embrace of metrosexuality? You wouldn't catch Rick Santorum waxing his eyebrows, that's for sure. Casey may end up blowing what just a couple of months ago was considered by pundits a certain Democrat Senate pick-up, and his lack of genuineness (and, may I add, masculinity) may be a contributing factor.